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Story of Famous Marketing & Financial Expert from United State – Sumedh Basani

By: Roberto

As we take birth on this earth, we are in an environment of tenderness. But as we grow up, we face all the life’s challenges and become more aware of them. Sometimes, it’s important for us to take the help of others in the areas of life we experience difficulties in.

Sumedh Basani is on a mission to reshape people’s mindset, business relationships and their lifestyle. He started his career in financial services 5 years ago and here he is now the owner of his agency working with best in the industry.

Let’s know his story and what he has to tell us. Sumedh Basani, the Marketing Expert is the owner of 11th Story Media. He is the business partner at Karma Financial Group and Coach at ThoughtCastOfficial.

11th Story Media provides you with its one stop solution to every digital marketing essential. Photos, videos as well as social media management, influencer marketing and private business consulting – it covers all the important sectors of today’s world. Its dedicated team of creative talents, influencers, brand consultants and marketing ambassadors is always ready to lead you and take you a step further into the market arena. Sumedh’s extensive marketing experience allows him to use 11th Story Media to build out other busineses such as Karma Financial.

Karma Financial is a financial firm dedicated to providing the best in insurance, healthcare and retirement benefits, and debt consolidation. By protecting our tomorrow with the financial vehicles available today, Karma Financial sets the standard for financial services. Karma was established to help those families who need guidance but also to save money for those who may have prematurely taken a policy that doesn’t truly fit their needs. Sumedh’s relationship building allows his agents to create powerful bonds with their clients for generations to come.

Lastly, Sumedh’s ‘ThoughtCastOfficial’ platform has aimed in coaching and cultivating high levels of self-growth through structured strategies and skilled individual or group coaching or workshops. ThoughtCast is an aggressive self-help organization that aims to help people all over the world. It was created to function as a powerful resource for the modern individual, creating engaging free online content, offering virtual coaching programs and in-person live networking events. It mainly focuses on mental health awareness, healing, and humanitarian education through philanthropic approach to raise the human conscience globally.

Some of their work areas, they indulge in are – financial planning, retirement confidence, self-awareness business coaching, development marketing (social media, brands, ads), relationship advice, marital problems, anxiety, depression, fitness, trauma treatment/resolution, and overall healthcare. Now, Sumedh is aiming to create unique podcasts with guests, webinars for retirement, virtual group sessions, and a more diversified self-help system.

To make ThoughtCast’s message more personal, the team has decided to host live events which would feature a panel of live keynote speakers, extensive networking opportunities with extravagant food and drinks and a lot more. Through ThoughtCast Social events, they are aiming to bring people together and donate a sizeable portion directly to charity.

According to the expert, we need to focus on one important thing – Dream Big, Work Hard, Surround Yourself with Positivity. When he started with his new ideals, he could not gain supporters but gradually with a few, he kept on moving and he proudly mentions the vast support and positive reviews he keeps on receiving from his followers. Now hundreds of thousands have subscribed to their content with 20 million people watching weekly on social media and endless amounts of plays on the podcasts on all platforms.

You can follow Sumedh Basani on Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/sumedhbasani His other pages – @11thstorymedia, @karmafinancialgroup & @thoughtcastofficial

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