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Meet the most popular musician, artist and songwritter| MANUEL TURIZO

By: Roberto

feel more trust in myself. I feel more ready.

On the off chance that you’re at all taken advantage of the Latin music space, you love Manuel Turizo. Flaunting 11.5 million supporters on Instagram alone, the youthful hotshot is the meaning of a recording craftsman who hails a global presence, contacting the world with his vibe great bops and hymns… it’s insane to think Manuel is still just 21 years of age.

In depicting himself, Manuel states he’s “a youthful person from the 2000s that loves music, who composes melodies. That is Manuel Turizo, fundamentally a youthful visionary.”

Brought up in Colombia, Turizo kicked off his music profession early in life of 13, dumping his past fantasies about becoming a veterinarian in the wake of taking singing illustrations with a Cuban music educator. In 2016, Manuel delivered “Una Woman Como Tú”… furthermore, the rest is history. Until this point in time, his different sound rises above the class of Latin pop, trap, R&B, and vallenato, with an irrefutable vocal reach.

Quick forward to 2021, Manuel releases his most up to date single and visual for “Te Olvido,” hailing over 8.8 million perspectives on Youtube inside under a month. The new delivery holds fans over until the arrival of his exceptionally anticipated forthcoming collection named 2000, honoring the year he was conceived.

All that Manuel contacts is gold, and he’s ensuring he’s addressing the Latin community in the best light. Display found Manuel through Zoom, who was posted in Miami singing a melody he presently can’t seem to deliver. Peruse underneath as we examine his fantasies coming valid, “Una Woman Como Tú” exploding, the creation of “Te Olvido,” needing to be a symbol, naming his collection 2000, love for design, objectives, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!
How are you feeling today?

Miami’s perfect, radiant day today. It’s great. Today in Columbia is an occasion, so today it’s an occasion for me as well. [laughs]

You say you’re a “youthful visionary,” what were you dreaming in those days?

I dreaming I’m living today, because of God. I get to do what I truly love, which is music. I was a troublesome person you can say, the sort of youngster that could have done without to truly do anything. [laughs] Something doesn’t add up about while accomplishing something you could do without, or when you don’t have the foggiest idea yet what you truly need to do.

When did you become hopelessly enamored with music? Do you recollect that second?

As a matter of fact, my entire life. At the point when I was a child, I didn’t used to play with vehicles or trucks. I used to play with drums and guitars. I broke the drum that I used to have in my home like a 100 times. I used to get my sibling’s guitars and attempt to play them, yet I never figured out how to play any instruments no doubt. [laughs] I attempted. That was me attempting to play when I was a child. At the point when I began developing, I went into vocal examples. That is the point at which I truly began my melodic dreams.

How might you characterize your music? Your sound?

Extremely unwinding. [laughs] Every tune could sound unique, yet there’s something that doesn’t change. It’s the energy. It’s what you need to cause individuals to feel when they pay attention to you.Music that encourages you, that sends joy.
“Una Woman Como Tu” is at 1.5 billion perspectives. When you made the tune, did you suppose it’d explode this way?

Goodness, never! At the point when my most memorable tune was delivered, I was 16 years of age. I was in tenth grade, secondary school. I never thought being the main overall hit of Manuel Turizo was going. I’m 21, I was 16 when I made that melody. No, I never felt that. I was figuring perhaps certain individuals will get to know me, get to realize that I like to sing, yet at the same not that. I began my vocation, began knowing big cheeses. I did my most memorable agreements for my profession with the principal tune so it was exceptionally insane for me. Today, I can tell you perhaps I didn’t know where it was driving, yet I was attempting to sort out some way to do the things I needed to do.

How have you developed, after 5 years? Personally, as a performer.

I’ve developed all around of my life. I’ve transformed, I’ve learned. I need to develop. I need to continue onward to places. I have this thing before I kick the bucket to get individuals that perhaps don’t see what I’m singing, yet they feel the energies I need to place into tunes. I feel more trust in myself. I feel more ready.

I needed to sort out the thing I was doing. I didn’t have the foggiest idea what I was doing. Today, I understand what I’m doing. I understand what I maintain that should do in my entire profession. I understand what I maintain that should do while I’m delivering, I understand what I believe should do when I’m in the studio recording. While we’re doing the video, I understand what my vision is and what I need to provide for the world, to show them. Today, I feel ready. The main years is the point at which you are rehearsing.
You delivered “Te Olvido,” which meant “fail to remember you” isn’t that so?

Indeed, it implies fail to remember you. To the extent that guys, we don’t go on and on about associations with young ladies? The men generally need to serious areas of strength for be, who feel nothing. Yet, young ladies get things done to us as well. We get miserable as well, we feel hurt as well. That is what “Te Olvido” discusses.

Was there a specific female that caused you to feel as such?

No doubt, everybody must have felt it commonly in their lives. Need to live it.

What motivated the music video?

For the video, I attempted to reproduce a few extremely famous scenes of things I saw from the 2000s. 2000’s is the year when I was conceived, it’s my year. My next collection, the third collection will be known as the 2000’s. I attempted to reproduce exceptionally notorious scenes like Justin Timberlake at the MTV grants. Like the Lil Wayne high contrast video of the 2000’s, similar to the 50 Penny video with the young ladies moving behind the scenes. Those things are exceptionally notorious from that year, I needed to do that on the video. That is every one of the narratives in the video. It’s determining what the tune discusses, yet the visual thought is just one.

Fondest memory from shooting the video beginning?

Something entertaining about shooting the video on set, perhaps the garments. I had such a large number of recollections on the grounds that the stylish was totally different from what today is. It was extremely entertaining when I was getting dressed, we were ready on the sets and everything. It looks totally different. Somewhat old, however that is the ticket.

Do you consider yourself to be a symbol of this age?

I could do without to say a great deal regarding myself. I attempt to. With my reality, with the things I do, I attempt to be a symbol. I attempt to be a model or an inspiration, or a motivation for individuals who need to work for their fantasies as well. More individuals need to respond to that. You don’t say you’re a symbol, individuals need to say it.

How could it act in Puerto Rico when the tune delivered?

Indeed, it was fire. It was perfect. I got a ticket since individuals went off the deep end. He kept in touch with us a ticket, it was insane. I delighted in it to an extreme.

How can it feel to be backpedaling on visit after the pandemic?

It’s astonishing. We’re two years completely secured without seeing individuals. We were working. I delivered 3 melodies, and I’m the ones that didn’t deliver a lot in the quarantine. The ones that stay loosened up a smidgen. We continued to do tunes, however we were unable to appreciate them with a group. That is doing music and delivering music, with individuals who follow you. It was extremely upsetting yet express gratitude toward God we’re alright! Express gratitude toward God we’re protected, however it was quite terrible. I was exceptionally energized, I’m somewhat apprehensive too on the grounds that I needed to accomplish something else for this visit. I completely changed my show, it’s like I was doing it interestingly. I needed to give my kin something extremely cool, something very dope. I figure we got it done. Individuals appreciate it. I appreciate it like you can never envision, I feel blissful.

What might we at any point anticipate from the collection, 2000?

In the visuals, we’re dealing with the 2000’s tasteful. Something I love too that goes a lot with me without hardly lifting a finger, I love the style looks of the 2000s. I love those impacts. Clearly I was conceived that year, so it’s my time. An alternate Manuel Turizo. I have two collections out. Every one I attempted to change the entire sound, to lift it a smidgen. Overhaul or change it, see what else I can do. So I Don’t remain in a similar spot.

Same with the kitchen. You go to the kitchen, you attempt various things and various flavors. 2000’s are something very similar. We’re changing every one of the rhythms or every one of the impacts once more, for the first and for the second one as well. Perhaps house, we’re doing EDM. We’re attempting various things that perhaps individuals were doing before with Latin music. I need to take a stab at something different, I need to have a go at something else. See what occurs.

How can it compare to your past collection, Dopamina?

It’s altogether different. The impacts are altogether different. I would rather not sound something similar. I would rather not make something very similar. I would rather not cause individuals to feel something very similar. Everything is unique, everything.

How might you characterize your design style?

That is a hard inquiry. Umm, a youthful metropolitan style. I like such a large number of brands. Obviously Louis Vuitton, Prada, Grayish, Nike.

You really needed to be a vet. Do you actually adore creatures?

I actually love creatures to an extreme. That is one of my interests, creatures and nature. That’s what I love. Not really a vet, it’s more I feel much better in nature. I feel significantly better with creatures.

Being just 21, how would you jump at the chance to help fun?

Music, companions, go to the ocean side. Go out in the vehicle. I’m an extremely common 21-year-old person, simply hang out and chill.

Objectives for yourself right now in your vocation?

Many, continue onward. I need an entire lifetime of a vocation. I need to be those craftsmen you find in 50 years, they continue to do music. They continue to do visits. I need to be that kind of craftsman so I’m giving my very best. I have such a lot of work out and about, we continue to work consistently. Going into the studio, realizing what else we can do. That is me.

Something else you need to tell us?
I’m invigorated for 2000. I’m invigorated for “Te Olvido,” to fabricate and that’s it. Much thanks to you for the time. Much thanks to you for having me. Holler to individuals and for each and every individual who follows me, who seeing I’m doing and follows my music as well. Much love for them.

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/manuelturizo/

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