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Meet the Famous Entrepreneur and Top Digital Marketing Expert from Iran – Novin Ideh

By: Roberto

With the advent of social media and internet users pacing with time, we can make everything possible under a limited time period. Earlier in order to make your business grow or sell a particular product you had to go home after home, person after person in search of the connectors who would help in profiting your business. But the internet has made it accessible in every way. You just need to construct your profile well, share all the links of your profiles and work, gain the correct audience and just move on. Anyone can use the ways of digital marketing and advertise your product in an innovative way that would make your brand work and the product stand out in the market.
Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Expert, Novin Ideh will lead you guiding the techniques of digital marketing covering the services of the giant and popular platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Google and website design. According to entrepreneur, Novin Ideh, an innovative idea can make your business open and visible to the audience and you can get the full coverage of digital marketing services.
Hailing from Tehran, Iran, Novin Ideh, being an expert in the digital marketing area has his own company called, ‘Novin Holding Company’ providing its expert services to countries such as the UAE, Oman, Iraq, Canada and Armenia. The company has been active since 1380. Initially, it was dealing with software and hardware services but now it has been involved in digital marketing and has provided various products to many firms, organizations as well as different clients within its two decades of services.
Unlike many, Novin’s company is not just engaged in digital marketing but has an innovative mindset of the term. The service areas where they exhibit their expertise are website designing, Android and IOS application design and production, WhatsApp ads, Google Adwords ads, Instagram official ads, reporting on foreign news sites, SMS managed ads and page creation advertising on Wikipedia. They provide the services at the lowest rate possible even though they are the pioneers having years of experiences.
Moreover, it is a hub of all telephone and mobile numbers related to various services in Iran where one can find more than 30 million mobile numbers. This number hub is completely standardized according to the province, city and region and is placed in the SMS system of Novin Idea for free at anytime and anywhere. Novin Idea has been collecting and storing these numbers and categorizing them in the form of mobile number banks since the company started its services. It is a bank of mobile numbers of doctors, laboratories, restaurants, shareholders etc.
Apart from these primary services, the company also indulges in getting Spotify’s blue tick, business sander software, profile registration in Crunchbase App and similar other services. The latest content of the company’s work is viral marketing, which indicates spreading information about a product or service from one individual to another through word of the mouth or via the internet or email. The term ‘viral’ has been related to virus for a virus too needs a host to spread fast. Likewise to spread the informative data, viral marketing is a requirement.
Do follow the expert entrepreneur Novin on Instagram, @novin_ideh and get the latest updates of his company’s services and ideas of their work. Also you can go and check their website, www.novinideh.com for more information.

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